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For absolute beginners, people with limited range of motion and seasoned yogis.

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Online Workshops

You are in the right place if…

  • You want to try yoga, but are intimidated to go to a regular local class
  • You are limited in your range of motion and/or dealing with pain (injury, recovery, age, just stiff)
  • Your doctor or PT told you “ yoga is good for you”, now what ?!? 
  • You want to learn HOW to do the poses accurately 
  • Want to do advanced poses safely
  • You just want to reduce stress and enjoy some peace but have no time to go to a yoga studio
  • You are already spending hours at the gym and just want to stretch a little but do it correctly

What to Expect 


I design each class with a specific purpose in mind. My strategic approach to developing sequences will ensure that you always know how to perform the yoga poses without feeling lost.

A sequence could be focusing on specific joints, particular poses or regulating your nervous system, to enjoy a little inner peace.



I will teach you how to recognize and analyze your body’s feedback to practice yoga in a way that makes you feel better. If you join my classes in person YOU WILL FEEL SEEN. I am only on my yoga mat if it benefits you (demo). Otherwise I am moving around the room to observe you and the other students to offer help or encouragement.


I have been teaching yoga full time for 20+ years. The classes ranged from absolute beginners to advanced students and for people that have to be more careful (injury ect). I also ran numerous workshops, retreats and 200h – 500h yoga teacher trainings.


Anatomy Geek

To me, understanding what is going on “under your skin” is essential to teach effective and safe yoga classes. You will hear relevant anatomical terms that I will explain before we start. My skeleton and white board make a regular appearance in my workshops or classes. I also taught yoga anatomy in our teacher trainings to help the trainees to understand the necessary human biomechanics.

Where to START? 

You have many different options to practice yoga with me.

You Tube 


You can get to know my yoga method and teaching style without any commitment to find out if we are a match :-). Find 5 to 20 min free yoga sessions on my channel to get “the lay of the land” of my yoga offerings. 

In Person


If you live in the Temecula, CA area, you can join one of my weekly classes or monthly workshops. Take a look HERE (link) to find a session that fits your needs and your schedule.

Online Live Stream


All classes and workshops I teach at TYC will be offered LIFE  via zoom. Check out my schedule to find a class that is right for you. You can connect to the TYC page to set up an account with the studio and sign up for class. Watch the VIDEO (link) to learn how to.



If you want to practice on your own schedule and have some specific needs, like neck, shoulder or low back pain or you’re dealing with stress and anxiety, check out our webinars on Teachable. All webinars are on demand and come with lifetime accessibility.


Pre-recorded Classes 


Find a variety of pre-recorded yoga classes of different length and experience levels. All classes are bundled by experience levels for you to make your choice with ease..(something like that)

Tips to Go 


We can stay connected via any of these social media platforms. I will post relevant and helpful tips to improve and enrich your yoga practice and maybe even your daily life. 

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  You are probably reading this because you are currently dealing with low back pain and you are not ready for an invasive form of treatment, or your doctor told you "yoga is good for you" or you just completed your PT sessions and wonder what you could do now to...

About Doreen

Welcome. I’m happy to see you here.Doreen MadisonCertified Yoga Teacher Certified Ayruvedic Practitioner  Certified NLP Practitioner I am Doreen, your Yoga TeacherIn full honesty, I was very hesitant when it was time to write the ABOUT ME for this website. Many of the...

Practicing Yoga with Doreen taught me to take my practice to a level I didn’t know existed. I had a lot of joint stiffness before I started. After 6 months of working on proper alignment, my stiffness is 80% reduced. I improved my posture, flexibility and strength.

Rex Shephard

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John Smith

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John Smith

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